Welcome to Gold Supply – where transparency meets luxury, revolutionizing the jewelry marketplace.

Say farewell to arbitrary markups with our solid gold chains priced by the gram, offering unprecedented transparency. We're here to address the lack of clarity in the jewelry industry, providing clear product weight, gold weight, and prices per gram. Embrace the enduring allure of gold as a store of value and timeless asset. Join us in reshaping the landscape of luxury – because at Gold Supply, every link is a testament to excellence.

Cutting through the noise

Know how much gold you're getting and what you're paying per gram! We only sell solid god, and for all of our products, we clearly display:

  • Product weight
  • Gold karat (% gold)
  • Gold weight
  • Price per gram of gold

Gold is a commodity by nature, and it should be sold and price like a commodity. It makes no sense to pay "designer" markups for a commodity.

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